KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

●●ーーS●●●●M●●●●L●●●●●●●●●ーーー●●ーーS●●●●M●●●●L●●●●●●●●●ーーー❶❷❸❹❺❻❼❽Kabuto GlovesPRG-7Kabuto GlovesPRG-8SizeColorSizeColorPRG-7 / PRG-8 TechnologyPRG-7 Color/ Size VariationBlack RedFlexible and nice texturematerial with remarkableelasticity and restorability.Aerodynamic design reducing the annoying wrinkles at wrists.Thin Type for Good HandlingSeamless Processing to Achieve Comfortable Grip PRG-7❶ Stretch Material❷ Reflector❸ Large Sweat Pad❹ Slip-on WristXSXLBlackBlack RedBlack BlueBlack Yellow*( - ) not available2XL❺ Available to Use Smart Phone❻ Non-Slip Silicon Pad❼ Comfortable Gripping with Seamless Design❽ Protecting MaterialsAbrasion quality material attached for protection.PRG-8 Color/ Size VariationBlack RedClarinoTM by Kuraray Co., Ltd. For more direct gripping, with reduced stiches at the palm.Seamless Model for Comfortable Gripping BlackBlack RedBlack BlueBlack Yellow*( - ) not availableXSXL2XLBlackBlack BlueBlack YellowBlack Blue Caution: Quick Release RingPlease be aware of the risk that in some cases, the ring might be caught by DH bar and/or aero bar, depending on its shape.PRG-8Quick Release“Quick Release Ring” enables easier and quicker removable of gloves. (*PAT. No.3122714)BlackBlack Yellow

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