KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

s lyRefBrLightweight,Less Load on the NeckKeeping lightweight, it has passed strict tests. Appropriate under the situation when the head is often shaken.Sturdily Built for Kids to Ride by ThemselvesSturdy design ensures secure feeling when your child is on the bicycle passenger sheet, or even when children ride a bicycle by themselves.Integrated Liner and ShellAchieved compactness and lightness by in-molding the outer soft shell and impact absorption liner together. Easier to keep.*For better safety of children, wearing gloves is recommended. (Ref. p34: SPG-5J)lectightSG standard: the safety standard set up according to each intended end-usage. Each product has detailed standards to pass. These kids’ helmets are defined as the “bicycle helmet” and have passed various severe tests. Prize-Winning Helmets of “KIDS DESIGN AWARD”Reflection Tapes (on all models)Be safe for night ride!! Reflection tapes on the helmet appeals the existence to the car drivers.Buckle Cover (for some Childmet models)Prevents pinching skin when fastening chinstrap.KABUTO Childmet series arecertified with the SG Standard for bicycle helmet.KABUTO Childmet series was awarded “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award” in the “4th Kids Design Award”, which is the highest award in the kids’ safety category.Size Adjustment Function (on all models)Either of following adjustment function is equipped on the Childmet. “Adjuster dial”; easy to adjust the fitting with adjusters at the rear of the helmet. “Fit Band”; elastic band adjustment, developed from moms’ voices. Soft ShellCertified products are marked with a SG sticker. Hard shellIn-Molded1. Fit the helmet on your child's head and choose a size that matches their head.2. Choose a helmet that meets safety standards and is marked with the SG (Safe Goods) sticker, indicating that product liability measures are in place.3. Never use a helmet that has been subjected to a major impact.4. Replace the helmet approximately every three years from start of use.*Guardians must ensure that their child age 13 and under is wearing a helmet at all times while jointly riding or steering a bicycle. (Article 63-11, Japan Road Traffic Act)Helmet Design VariationSafety and Comfort FunctionsWhen purchasing a helmet :How to wear helmet correctly

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