KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

Kabuto daily ChildmetKabuto daily ChildmetAdjuster DialBuckle cover prevents pinching of the skinAdjuster DialReflection TapesReflection TapesWashable inner padsWashable inner padsSize (reference weight) 40-54cm : N.ABUNNY-HOP Replacement PartsCategoryLiningsSize (reference weight) 54-56cm : 280gSTARRY Replacement PartsCategoryLiningsHardShellPartsInner Pad set 20Adjuster Band set 15 Sweat PadAdjuster Band set 15Buckle Cover I OthersSoftShellPartsInner Pad set 3Cranium Lock Mesh Sweat PadAdjuster Band set 2Lock Pins setOthersFor Toddlers / For ChildrenFor ChildrenMatte BlackMatte RedActive BlueTyranno BlackColorBlackBlackBlackGrayColorRedBlackGrayBlackMatte Purple Matte GrayMatte PinkMatte TurquoiseActive Red French MintMatte OliveMatte Light BluePop Star Purple Matte Off WhiteMatte BlueHorn BlueHorn PinkA cool street-style hard shell model with a classic touchBUNNY-HOPStreamline ShapeSTARRY

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