KABUTO Bicycle Helmet & Gear 2024

・Exclusive to the SB-03 and SN-13 Series.・Easy to install by simply replacing the inner pad.・Antibacterial and quick-drying design, washable for hygiene.・Convenient for helmet sharing.・Fits most of helmet.・Water-proof material.・Strings length is adjustable.・Reflectors on both sides for safe nighttime riding.・Pocketable, easy to carry.* Not suitable for special shaped helmets.* Remove a front visor if any before covering the helmet.Kabuto Daily SchoolmetKabuto Daily SchoolmetKabuto Daily SchoolmetKabuto Daily SchoolmetKabuto Daily SchoolmetSize (reference weight) 56-58cm : 270gSize (reference weight) 57-59cm : 295gSize (reference weight) 59-61cm : 325gSN-13M/SN-13L/SN-13XL Replacement PartsCategoryLiningHeat reductionAir ventilating designWind passes through the same 16 air holes as those used on our full-fledged sports helmets, reducing uncomfortable stuffiness.All Schoolmet meet theSG (Safe Goods) Standardfor Bicycle HelmetsEquipped with reflective stickersthat heighten visibility!Large left, right, and rear reflectors reflect car lights at night to alert drivers of the wearer's presence.Packaged PartsSize : FREEMaterial Body: Polyester 100%Clip: PP Rubber Strings: polyester latexHow to usePartsSN-13 Inner Pad set (6mm thick / 12mm thick)SG standard: the safety standard set up according to each intended end-usage. Each product has detailed standards to pass. These kids’ helmets are defined as the “bicycle helmet” and have passed various severe tests. ColorGrayEasy-to-remove,washable inner padsThe inner pads can be easily removed and washed to keep the helmet feeling fresh.Shell and impact-absorbing liner protectthe head from impactShell (Polycarbonate)Inner padsWhite PlainSize : FREEMaterial Fabric section : Polyester 90% Polyurethane 10%Mesh section : Polyester 85% Polyurethane 15%Inner Pad set (6mm thick)Black PlainReflectivestickersImpact absorbingliner(EPS foam)Name/PurchaseDate label stickerStandard Model Upgraded lightness and durability!SN-13seriesSN-13MSN-13LSN-13XLHELMET RAIN COVER POCKETABLECYCLE HELMET INNER CHI-S

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