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Sep, 30, 2022


The AEROBLADE series pursues lightness and compactness. The AEROBLADE-6 DYNA, the first graphic model in the AEROBLADE-6 series with updated comfort features, is now available.

In addition to "safety," the "AEROBLADE-6" has further updated "comfort" while maintaining the basic concept of the lightweight full-face helmet "AEROBLADE-5" launched in 2017 with five features: "lightweight," "compact," "aerodynamic performance," and "quietness.

The new addition, "DYNA," has a simple line configuration with a straight line tone that takes advantage of the AEROBLADE-6's compact form, and speedy image graphics that match its shape. The design is compatible with bikes of all genres.

It is available in four colors: Black White Red, Flat Black Red, Flat Black Gray, and Flat Black Blue.

Aeroblade6-DYNA-img-5.jpg Aeroblade6-DYNA-img-4.jpg Aeroblade6-DYNA-img-3.jpg
Black White Red

Aeroblade6-DYNA-img-8.jpg Aeroblade6-DYNA-img-7.jpg Aeroblade6-DYNA-img-6.jpg
Flat Black Red Flat Black Gray Flat Black Blue

*for more information about Aeroblade-6, please check our webpage here.


*Scheduled to start sale in late September 2022 in Japan

Color: Black White Red, Flat Black Red, Flat Black Gray, Flat Black Blue
Size: XS (54-55cm)/S (55-56cm)/M (57-58cm)/L (59-60cm)/XL (61-62cm)/XXL (63-64cm)
Standard: JIS
Standard Shield: DAF-1 UIC Shield (UIC Clear)
Pinlock® Original Insert Lens (sold separately)

Standard Equipment
Windshutter No.3

  • UV & IR cut shield" made of Teijin Limited's heat-shielding material is adopted.
  • Four types of specially designed caps are adopted to realize fine fitting, light weight and compact size.
  • Improved operability when opening and closing the shield by changing the shape of the button.
  • Aero form narrowed down by CFD analysis.
  • Cutting-edge hat molding technology and safety design that combines excellent penetration resistance and shock absorption.
  • Equipped with Kabuto's patented "Wake Stabilizer (PAT.)" system.
  • Shield system with dual-axis DAF-R ratchet and DAF-1 shield for high sealing and quietness.
  • Dedicated speaker mounting space is provided for intercom installation.
  • Cheek pads are designed to facilitate the smooth wearing of glasses and sunglasses.
  • Under-trim shape for easy spreading for a good fit and stress-free removal and attachment.
  • Wide type 100% MAX VISION pin lock seat (sold separately) can be attached.
  • The chinstrap uses a standard D-ring.


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