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May, 10, 2023


"TRICK" the new graphic for F-17 will be released soon.

F-17 is Kabuto's flagship helmet with "omni-directional aerodynamics" as its main concept.
Packed with aerodynamic technology, while riding on the motorcycle, F-17 controls the airflow around its shell by aerodynamic devices and reduces the load on the rider as much as possible.

"TRICK" is one of the first graphic model in the F-17 series.
A fantastic image motifing a legendary phantom beast is boldly arranged, and the color scheme is highliting the details of the body. It is available in one color, Black Blue.

F17_TRICK-img-2.jpg F17_TRICK-img-1.jpg F17_TRICK-img-4.jpg
F17_TRICK-img-5.jpg F17_TRICK-img-3.jpg
Black Blue
        • ■F-17 TRICK
          ※Sales starts from mid-May 2023 in Japan

          Color: Black Blue
          Size: XS (54-55cm)/S (55-56cm)/M (57-58cm)/L (59-60cm)/XL (61-62cm)/XXL (63-64cm)
          Standard: JIS, MFJ
          Standard shield: DAF-1R shield (clear) 
          〈included in a package〉
          DAF Pinlock® Original Insert Lens
          Breath Guard No.10
          Wind Shutter No.5
          GC-01 Liquid Bottle Kit
          KF17 Joint Base

        ・Multi directional aerodynamics with state-of-the-art aero-form, equipped with Crest Spoiler (PAT.P) and Wake Stabilizer (PAT.).
        ・Combined excellent penetration resistance and shock absorption with cutting-edge shell molding technology and safety design.
        ・New shell structure "A.C.T.-2", a further evolution of the A.C.T. structure.
        ・New "DAF-R ratchet" with a dual-axis configurationa dual-axis configuration, and a center lock equipped with a large lever.
        ・Side ventilations capture wind efficiently even in cornering posture and to introduce air as much as in straight posture.
        ・Top aero ventilation releases hot air inside the helmet and rectify the airflow.
        ・"Ease of putting on/taking off the helmet" and "superb comfort". has been realized by reviewing and thoroughly verifying the design.
        ・DEOFACTOR® antimicrobial treatment is done on the inner pad surface, inhibit the growth of bacteria on fibers.
        ・Emergency System (PAT.P) allows for easy, quick and safe removal of the helmet in the event of an accident.
        ・Glasses friendly cheek pads.
        ・Dedicated mounting space for intercom.
        ・Available in 6 sizes from XS to XXL.

        ☆About more details about F-17, please check F-17 Release info.

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